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As one of the most popular day nurseries and preschools in the South Croydon area, Little Apples takes a big interested in pedagogical methods and research, ensuring that our approach to education and child care are up to date, and most importantly: effective. We think nursery schools should be fun, welcoming and safe spaces in which children can let their imaginations run wild, and build vital social bonds with fellow Little Apples; but equally, the times spend in spaces like our own re also fantastic opportunities to learn new skills, techniques and information which can serve as a big head start in their formative educational careers.

Today’s blog looks at what happens when children aren’t spending the day at Little Apples. For the aforementioned pedagogical research has long shown that parents getting actively involved in education can provide massive benefits for their children. So here we’ll look at why that is, and some ways in which you can get involved. No one says it’ll be easy – very few aspects of childcare are, and this is no different – but the effort will be well rewarded!

Why It’s Important for South Croydon Parents to be Involved in Early Education

First of all, the research. One well-cited study showed that students with parents acting in supportive educational roles are 52% more likely to enjoy their time at school and achieve high grades than those with disengaged parents. The younger the children, the more prominent this relationship was found to be, making it especially relevant for South Croydon parents with children attending nursery schools and preschools like our own in Sanderstead. Not only do parents provide emotional support when things are getting difficult, and bond while pursuing a shared goal (learning about a particular topic of mutual interest), but they provide assistance grappling concepts and in comprehending subjects.

Just a few of the widely touted benefits of parent involvement with education of children attending day nurseries include: improved focus, better understanding of topics, higher grades, better organisational skills, more self-esteem, lower truancy rates, a wider range of skills, and all-round better behaviour. But enough of why parental involvement is so encouraged at preschools and nursery schools, how can it really be put into practice?

Involving Yourself

One thing we’d recommend is for parents to speak with child carers, teachers and staff at nursery schools and day care nurseries, and similar figures who may be able to provide insight into your child’s strengths and weaknesses; we’re always happy to do this, and help provide guidance on which areas should be focused on. Perhaps your child has a fantastic reading level, but struggles with logical thinking and mathematics, or the other way round. Knowing this will help you get started.

Alongside the usual helping with homework and playing sports down the local park, planning games and activities which revolve around these aforementioned areas (though don’t only focus on weak areas), is a great place to look at; so is trying to find entertainment that may address these themes – particular episodes of loved television programs, or educational films for example. Reading to children and listening to them read back is also a great use of time, and one of the tenderest memories many of us have for a reason!

But we’re aware many South Croydon parents are so busy that finding time for all this is difficult; you’re already stretched with the core, essential aspects of childcare as it is! So don’t underestimate the power that just being there to listen to your children speak about their time spent at day nurseries, preschools and the like. Speaking with them about difficulties they might be having, and providing some “don’t give up” encouragement can make a night and day difference, and ensure they come back to a difficult subject or topic with the will to really get on top of it.

Remember, setting high targets is a great way to encourage children to really engage at preschools and day nurseries, but don’t be too hard on them. We all learn at different paces, and our childcare and educational support experts will ensure you’re kept in the loop about progress: creative, social, educational, the works.

To learn more about how children get a head start by attending preschools and day nurseries, like Little Apples in South Croydon, call our team on 020 8686 6246.