Funding and Fees

Fee List - April 2024
Non-refundable booking fee £100
Days (hours) per week Per month
2 days (20 hours) £722.50
3 days (30 hours) £1,083.76
4 days (40 hours) £1,445.00
5 days (50 hours) £1,806.25
5 days (50 hours) disc 10% £1,625.63
Late Fee Charge - £1 per minute past collection time.


Band 1
Sibling 10%
Full time 10% Only 2 from band 1
PPA 5%
Band 2
Blue Light 5% Only 1 from band 2 ( or can be used with 1 from band 1 )
Teacher 5%


  • Where funding as applied (preschool), discounts are taken before the surcharge is added.
    Total monthly fee - funding - discounts + Surcharge)
  • When 2 discounts are used, they will remain separate and not grouped to form one higher percentage discount.

At the Little Apples we offer parents the opportunity to access funding for both two and three-year olds. This can be from 15 hours – 30 hours funding a week. For all funding options you will need to bring in your child’s passport or birth certificate and sign a parental declaration form. For the 15 hours two-year-old and 30 hours three-year-old funding you will need to provide us with a specific code and your national insurance number.

The two-year-old 15 hours funding is criteria based, you must apply for a funding code and provide it to the nursery. The two-year-old funding will apply the term after your child’s third birthday, if they are eligible. Please follow the below link to apply for the two-year-old funding:

Every child is entitled to receive three-year-old 15 hours funding the term after their third birthday. If you already attend the setting, then once your child becomes eligible for this, we will contact you the month before the funding is applied to confirm your options and send you a funding breakdown to explain the costs. If you do not already attend, you will need to contact us to discuss availability and then we can discuss the funding options with you.

If you will be attending for 15 hours, term time only, these sessions run from 13.00 – 18.00 Monday – Friday. If you wish to attend all year round, then there are no limitations on sessions.

If you meet the criteria for the three-year-old 30 hours funding, then you will need to apply for the code and send this through to, along with your national insurance number. Please note that your code must be obtained before the end of the term e.g. 31 st August to start on 1 st September 31 st March to start on 1 st April. If the code is obtained after the first date of term, we will have to apply the 30 hours funding to the following term, this is stipulated by HMRC and we cannot control this factor. Please follow the below link to apply for the two-year-old funding:

We do have a threshold you must meet in order to claim the 30 hours funding. Your child must attend nursery for a minimum of 35 hours or more per week, all year round.

The 30 hour funding codes do expire and require you to renew them every three months, so please ensure you keep an eye on your emails as the council will either email or text you to inform you the code needs to be renewed.

Please note all funding is subject to availability.

Tax free childcare is another option that can be used to help towards your childcare fees at Little Apples. For more information please visit

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