Little Apples Ethos


The safety, health and wellbeing of our children is paramount to us at Little Apples. Between putting the needs of the children first and collaborating with the EYFS curriculum in our daily routine, we endeavour for our children to become emotionally resilient and respectful through play. Our staff will support children to navigate through their Early Years journey at Little Apples and become valued members of society by imbedding British Values throughout our environment, recognising cultures, and promoting diversity across the setting. Boundaries and guidelines support the children in understanding what is expected of them with the practitioner’s support.

Children will learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how this impacts positively on our bodies, from brushing teeth to growing our own vegetables, the learning opportunities are endless!


Preparing children for their future is an ever-evolving journey, however we believe that if we can equip our children with fundamental life skills, their transitions through changing environments, such as starting school will be smooth. Confidence, integrity, independence and making relationships sit at the top of our list of skills we promote to our children. This can be through focused activities, communicative languages we use through play, and allowing them to take managed risks. We encourage self-belief and resilience by providing an environment for children to lead and their voices to be heard, such skills that develop independent decision makers. We will ignite the explorer in them! Reading is a great passion at Little Apples, we encourage this throughout our daily routine and for families to continue at home, taking part in our ‘Read with me’ campaign. Working closely with our families contributes to the progression of learning for our children. Building on these relationships we are able to guide and support families through their child’s milestones such as potty training, we are here every step of the way to help prepare them for the big wide world!


Through play and by being inquisitive children are able to use their imaginations. Learning not only about the world but how to look after and care for it. We encourage creativity with natural components. Allowing children to choose their own toys, add natural materials and textures such as items from our recycling boxes to enhance play and build on their already profound curiosity.

Happiness and wellbeing are at the core of our values. Being kind individuals is at the heart of what we do at Little Apples, whether to peers, animals or living things! Our responsibility is to teach the children life skills so they can become valued members of their future society and give them the confidence to achieve their potential. When the gates to a child’s imagination are opened, anything is possible.