Red Apples

Our Red Apples room caters for children aged 16 months – 2 years, our room can hold up to 12 children on a 1:3 ratio.


Our day starts off with breakfast followed by our motivation time. This involves staff and children listening to upbeat music and dancing together in order to promote bonding and to put everybody in a great mood ready for the day ahead.

Throughout the day we also have activities out that link to the EYFS areas of development focusing mainly on the childrens Personal, Social and Emotional, Physical and Communication and Language development. Each child is allocated a key person who works closely with them to support their development in these areas.


Messy play is one of the childrens favourite activities in red apples. We explore a variety of different types including shaving foam, body painting, cornflour, dry and wet pasta, sand and water play.


We promote independence by offering a snack bar twice a day. This involves the children choosing whether they would like snack. This includes a choice of fruit in the morning and choice of a starchy snack in the afternoon.

Red Apples Routine


7.00-8.00 - Early birds

8.00-8.45 - Breakfast

8.45-9.00 - Motivation time

9.00-9.45 - Free play/ Focus time

9.20- 9.40 - Nappy change

9.45 - Tidy up time

9.50-10.00 - Group time

10.00 - Snack bar opens

10.00 - Free play

10.35 - Tidy up time

10.40 - Get ready for the garden

10.45 - Garden time

11.20 - Wash hands

11.30 - Lunch time

12.00 - Nap time

2.00 - Nappy change and snack bar

2.00-2.30 - Free play

2.35 - Tidy up time

2.40 - Tidy up time

2.45 - Garden time

3.20 - Wash hands

3.30 - Tea

3.50 - Group time

4.00 - Nappy change

4.30 - Free play

5.00 - Quiet activities

5.30 - Tidy up and carpet time

6.00-6.30 - Home time

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Opening Hours:

7.00 am - 6.30 pm every day