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Whether taking place in group or one-on-one settings at preschools, day nurseries, with childcare providers or at home with parents – reading is a vital activity that children benefit from in so many ways. Not only does reading help build language skills, such as vocabulary, reading comprehension and speech / pronunciation, but it helps develop a sense of empathy, and learn about subjects that interest them. But how can South Croydon parents encourage reading when their children aren’t actively at nursery schools, like Little Apples in Sanderstead?

That’s the subject of the page below. More interested in discussing enrolling your child with us? Or perhaps you’d like to know what makes our Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ rating so special amongst day nurseries and preschools? Feel free to cut right to the chase, and call our friendly and welcoming team on 020 8686 6246.

Note: Just a couple of days ago, it was World Literacy Day – so we hope this blog was well timed, if not perfectly timed!

Encouraging Children to Read Regularly

Get Into Routine – Perhaps one of the fastest ways to really get your child to develop a healthy relationship with reading is to ingrain it into your daily routine. Whether after dinner, before bed or out in the garden on sunny weekends – when children can rely upon reading being a part of their daily life, they’re highly likely to engage in it. This is also why early education and childcare providers, including nursery schools like our own, ensure it’s always part of the daily schedule (though children who do not want to read can take part in other quiet activities).

Set a Good Example – Children often look to mimic their parents; you’re their biggest role models in the world! So if you read yourself, there’s a good chance they’ll be excited to follow suit. While some busy South Croydon parents may feel they don’t have time to read, it only takes being seen reading 15-20 minutes a day to set that positive example. We ourselves have seen that children with keen readers for parents are almost always engaged in reading sessions while at nursery schools and preschools.

Create a Space – A cosy den to sit in and read can be invaluable; we know how difficult it is to concentrate when we feel ill at ease or in an uncomfortable space. Building one in the corner of a playroom or bedroom can even become part of the whole reading routine, and make it far more likely to become associated with fun and a time to relax, and transport away to foreign lands of the imagination!

Get Down to the Library – South Croydon has its own public library and there are many other libraries that are just a distance away by public transport. Libraries often have massive collections of exciting children’s books, as well as special events where children are read to by local authors, or dress up to celebrate the anniversary of a fantastic book or literary event. It can also turn reading into a social event, as children read stories to each other, or discuss their favourites with others.

Rewards – While we would say that reading is a reward in and of itself, some children are very goal driven and respond well to Gold Star systems and similar reward mechanisms. Positive reinforcement is a great strategy, and this simply makes it somewhat more formal.

The Right Material – Nursery schools and childcare professionals know how important it is that the right reading material is available for every child. They’re all unique, with different interests and passions. Find out what your child is really into, and see if you can turn something up online that will prove a total treat. It’ll earn you some pretty major parent points, too!

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