Woodland Sessions

At Little Apples, our woodland sessions are offered to all children over two years old. The children are given regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment. Our sessions take place in our local park, so the adventure starts as soon as we leave the nursery!

Our woodland sessions is a specialised learning approach that sits within and complements the wider context of outdoor and woodland education. Woodland sessions are child-centred with a high adult to child ratio. Observation, rather than direction, is key, and children learn to care for the natural environment through their activities.


Through the free flowing, child led sessions, opportunities are presented to take supported risks appropriate to their surrounding environment and to themselves.  They are given time and space to understand boundaries, what is safe and unsafe and to challenge themselves and each other.

Below are some of the skills children will develop and learn during woodland sessions:


  • Self confidence
  • Emotional resilience
  • Team building
  • Communication skills
  • Independence
  • Decision making
  • Social intelligence
  • Realistic attitude to risk.


Staff will transport our equipment to the site, and provide tools for the session, however the children will lead the play and create their own activities with support of the staff.


Activities can include;


  • Den building
  • Bug hunting
  • Swing design and play
  • Tree climbing
  • Camp fire
  • Cooking
  • Whittling


We can’t wait for your child to join us and the explore the fun, interactive and imaginative woodland sessionsl!

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